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Tommy Hilfiger is introducing 'the store of the future', an omnichannel approach, which is all about generating new value for the digital retail experiences. Part of this 'store of the future' concept, are several digital instore solutions such as a Denim Fit Guide; an assisted experience, which will guide you towards your perfect pair of jeans. Or the ability to take a full-size picture with an instore mirror, which you can then dress up with the entire Tommy Hilfiger collection.  All these solutions needed to be tested, in order to redesign them and create even better experiences.   


Alberga Consultancy was asked as a research expert, commissioned by Valsplat, to carry out these qualitative tests to determine valuable insights by interviewing the target audience about their wants and needs. Most qualitative tests are carried out with 6 to 8 participants, each interviewed for about an hour, by going through a prototype step by step and simulating the actual situation as well as possible. 


Schermafbeelding 2019-08-15 om 15.28.04.

Some examples of the digital instore solutions as part of 'the store of the future'. 


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