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The Netherlands Red Cross is part of the world's largest humanitarian network. The Red Cross, founded to provide assistance to the wounded on the battlefield without discrimination, endeavours to prevent human suffering wherever it may be found. 

Over more than 1000 volunteers use the online platform called 'Tools' on a daily basis, to apply for activities, manage other volunteers and look for information. During the last quantitative research, Tools was rated by its users with an 6,7, but the results did not explain the 'why' behind this figure, let alone how to upgrade it.

Alberga Consultancy was asked to perform an extensive qualitative research with both the regular volunteers as well as the coordinators of the Nederlands Red Cross, which are both using the platform almost everyday. We conducted 12 interviews of one hour each via the online tool Lookback, making it possible to carry out remote research during the corona crisis. After the interviews, we did a co-creation session with the entire team that is responsible for Tools, including the developers from Nexios and productmanagers, in order to analyse the insights and translate them into new concepts and design directions. These directions were visualised by Visuele Verbinders afterward. In addition an in-depth report was delivered capturing all the insights and the accompanying recommendations. 


The platform is still in transformation, gradually working towards an updated version by adding features and changing flows. Alberga Consultancy will team up with The Netherlands Red Cross again at the end of 2020 working on a Design Sprint, in order to lift the premature concepts to a higher level and come up with a clickable prototype. 



Some sketches of design directions by Visuele Verbinders, deriving from the co-creation session.

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