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Digicampus is an innovative initiative where the TUDelft, Logius, ICTU, Nederland ICT and the Ministry of internal affairs are working together to facilitate smart solutions for society based on governmental issues. Life events such as applying for a mortgage, studying abroad or moving to a nursing home are often unnecessary complicated and the digital services of all different organizations do not match the needs of the user. Digicampus want to change that by reinforcing each other, by combining science, government and citizens and creating innovative solutions. 

One of their first projects, since the launch of Digicampus in the summer of 2019, is the improvement of the digital authorization. Being able to authorize someone else to make legal and medical decisions for you, is a very delicate matter, which often results in a complicated process with many organizations. Especially in the case of elderly, not being competent anymore to make such decisions by themselves, the authorization becomes a very responsible task and all parties involved are carefully investigated. Although it is of course very important to be careful with such manners, the amount of effort that it takes to authorize someone else for you, while you probably many other things on your mind, it too big and becomes a very painful and impersonal journey for most people. Digicampus wants to change that and created a project named 'My parent cannot live at her/his own house any longer', focusing on digital authorization. 

Alberga Consultancy was asked to perform a  5 day Design Sprint on that subject and together with a multidisciplinary team of ICTU, Logius and TUDelft, we joined forces and carried out the Design Sprint. Being able to thoroughly work with the entire team for a full five days, had an enormous impact on the outcomes and the group. The participants grew closer as a team, depending on each other and believing in the concept that derived out of this teamwork at the end of the five days. Spending an entire day at brainstorming, looking for new angles and working with a variety of brainstorming tools such as the 'Crazy Eight' and the 'Dark Side' really sparked the participants' imagination, so they could think 'outside the box'. At the end of the week, we developed and tested a new prototype that revolved around the parent and child, facilitating both a digital and physical service that feels as one solid journey, connecting several organizations. 

Schermafbeelding 2019-08-15 om 13.53.02.
Schermafbeelding 2019-08-15 om 13.53.26.
Schermafbeelding 2019-08-15 om 13.53.55.

Screens of the prototype for digital authorization using your DigiD.

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