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Rabobank is always trying to improve itself, by using new and innovative tools and trying to stay up to date on all kinds of developments. However, in order to keep up with innovation, it is important to truly understand the essence of what it entails and even more; how to purposely apply new tools in such a way your organization can really benefit from it. 

Rabobank The Hague was therefore looking for a Design Thinking training, so their MT team could learn the basics of Design Thinking and transfer their knowledge to their teams. 

Alberga Consultancy curated a 3 day training, so the team would get acquainted with the methodology and apply the knowledge into their everyday work activities, besides learning others about this way of 'thinking'. We assembled a tailor-made program that not only taught the team what Design Thinking was and how it could be used, but did so by an actual 'case', so the participants could immediately practice their skills and 'learn by doing'.


Besides the three day training, the team received a workbook, which incorporated small assignments throughout the three days, with the main goal to make a personal diary on which tools worked for you and which did not. Also, Alberga Consultancy facilitated the implementation phase of the Design Thinking training, interviewing each participant on their thoughts and learnings and helping them to get the most out of the methodology. 


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